Identity: What Must I Do To Live Life To The Full?


Download the timeline to plot out your trauma points.


    1.    Have there been struggles or habits that you’ve had in your life that you see as un-biblical but haven’t been able to remove them from your life?
    2. Look at the Kingdom of Self diagram. What words in the second outer ring do you see manifested in your life? Can you trace any of those behaviors back to a trauma point?
    3. Jesus shares in Matthew 6:14-15 about the essential need to forgive those who’ve hurt us. Why do you believe He says we need to forgive otherwise the Father won’t forgive us? What does that mean?
    4. Look at the Kingdom of God diagram. What does humility look like in your life as you “dive in” in to experience all God has for your life? Who has God called you to forgive and be reconciled to?

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