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Who’s at the Table from Central Ministries on Vimeo.



    1. ¬† ¬†Isolation is Satan’s way of keeping people from the healing God desires to bring. If you struggle with isolation, when do you see yourself being most tempted to stay alone rather than being in community?
    2. Transparent community takes work but it generally begins with you:) Are you someone who can be transparent about the hairballs in your life? If not, why?
    3. Confession is contagious. When someone is vulnerable about their struggles it often causes others to open up as well. But the relationship needs to be safe- either one on one or in a life group. Do you feel safe to share? If not, why?
    4. You’ve been asked to name people that you know are affirmers, receivers of confession, people you need to encourage, and people who are caught outside of a relationship with Jesus. Who are these people? Write them down.


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